Privacy Policy


To create the perfect tailor-made support packages for our client, LiveYou collects personal information from each of our client’s individually.

This data helps us to acquire a good understanding of our client’s needs and what the right support package looks like specifically for them.

Examples of this include; detailed information of their care needs, personal contact information (name, phone number, email address), age, location, profession, hobbies/interests, long term/short term goals.

This data is kept securely for 12 months from the date of collection. This is to maximise the efficiency of LiveYou in finding the right personal assistant (PA) candidates both initially and if there becomes a further need for another PA in the future.

After one year, LiveYou will contact the client to ensure that data remains up to date and to request consent to store the data for another 12 months.

LiveYou will never sell our client’s data with any third party companies. However, we have partnerships with other organisations that aim to improve the lives of disabled people. If our partner(s) services may be of benefit to our client, we will inform the client and they can decide whether to use our partner(s) services. If necessary, we may share necessary client data with our pre-approved partners in order to refer our clients to them. However, we will always seek express permission from the client before we share any data.

LiveYou will use limited amounts of the data collected from our clients during our consultation meetings to create job advertisements on their behalf. The data we use includes; the city of residence/where the PA role will be located, an outline of the client’s hobbies and interests, limited details on the client's condition to accurately advertise what the PA role entails. No identifying information is shared, such as name or address, at this stage.

At any point, anyone who has submitted data to us can request a copy of all the data stored related to them by contacting the LiveYou Data Protection Officer (Sam Chapman) via email at: [email protected], where they will be given a copy of this within 3 working days.

Additionally, at any point, anyone who has their data stored by LiveYou can request the deletion of all data by contacting the LiveYou Data Protection Officer. This will be carried out within 3 working days following confirmation of this request.

By completing and submitting our ‘Client Details’ form, you are giving consent for LiveYou to store and use the data provided for the purposes laid out in this document.