Going to University

University will be your first taste of freedom and independence. To make the most of every minute, LiveYou sets you up with an awesome team of PAs so you can work hard and play harder.

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Hardwork deserves reward

You’ve put in all the hard work to get to this point, so you deserve to have an immensely enjoyable uni experience, as well as attaining a degree at the end.

LiveYou are passionate about ensuring disabled people get the most out of this incredible opportunity. We believe our process and our ethos is perfectly suited to university students.

University is the time in everyone’s lives where they get their first taste of freedom and independence. This is particularly true for those with physical disabilities who previously may have relied on their parents to help with much of daily life.

Some of you may have attended a residential college, so you will already have a small taste of freedom. Now imagine that, but without any restrictions! You will have a PA that is fun-loving and take you on nights out until the early hours.

Do more with your personal assistant

Do you want to join a society? Do you want to use the gym? Explore your new city? Cinema with your flatmates? No problem. Your PA is there to help you with all these things and our process will make sure that you never miss out on an opportunity.

Let’s not forget about the course! On top of fitting into the above, you need a PA that can help you with your note-taking, coursework and exams. This individual needs to have additional skills and knowledge of the subject you’re studying so they can take notes that are relevant and useful to you.

Let LiveYou take care of everything

Finding PAs who will do all these things with a positive attitude is time consuming, difficult, and we know that when you’re at uni, you’re busy!

Let us take care of everything disability-related, so you can start university in the same position as your able-bodied peers.

LiveYou can even help you access additional funding available to disabled students to enhance your university experience. Just like with care funding, we combat arbitrary restrictions which are often placed on this, so you can utilise the money in a way that best suits you.

This money can be used to eliminate the additional barriers you face as a disabled student, in addition to attracting PAs who are qualified to support you with your work.