New UK Law Creates New Possibilities for Disabled People

Last updated 30 Jul 2020 12:00.

Changing Places toilets are now compulsory for businesses and entertainment venues with a capacity of 350 or more. This is a major step towards equal access and opportunities for people with profound disabilities!

Over 250,000 people with severe disabilities will have access to toilets with the equipment and the space they need to use them safely. With greater access comes greater opportunities for disabled people, to enjoy travelling and taking part in activities that they had not been able to beforehand due to the lack of usable toilets.

Sports stadiums will be providing changing places toilets

Live entertainment venues, cinemas, shopping centres and sports stadiums are all listed as buildings which will be required to include Changing Places toilets if they undergo major refurbishments or are a building a new site. Motorway service stations are also to be given funding to install Changing Places toilets, giving those who need them the freedom to travel nationwide to visit friends and to explore the rest of the UK.

It’s essential to know how accessible the university you go to is, along with the surrounding city it’s located in. If you have been to the open days if the universities you have applied to, you will already have a good sense of this. If not, get in touch with the disability team at your prospective university choices and ask specifically about the accessibility of your course building, the library, student union and sports facilities such as their gym.

In our experience of visiting many live music venues across the country, disabled toilets in general can be difficult to find, so any change in the law to make venues more inclusive is welcome and we hope to see this implemented nationwide in the near future.

shopping mall

Going shopping will be much easier for disabled people!

With more opportunities to travel and take part in activities than ever before, having the right personal assistants (PAs) to help you make the most of these opportunities has never been more important!

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