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Being a PA is a job like no other! Assisting young adults with a disability lead an independent life is incredibly rewarding and lasting friendships can be formed. LiveYou specialises in matching our clients with like-minded PAs. All PAs are given all the training needed to deliver the highest levels of care and support possible, all whilst delivering industry-leading levels of pay.


What you can expect from LiveYou

Long before we start recruiting, LiveYou is hard at work ensuring clients obtain every penny of funding available to them. This enables us to offer industry-leading levels of pay, whilst enabling the client to make the most of life without needing to worry about money. This means LiveYou PAs can expect a vastly more exciting and rewarding career than you would expect from other care related roles.

We want our clients to have an exceptional quality of life, encompassing holidays, a vibrant social life and excelling in their academic and professional endeavours.

As a PA, it will be your job to enable all of this. You will become an essential part of their journey and, quite frankly, what could be more rewarding than that!

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What we can expect from our PAs

Some employers value experience, some value qualifications…while these are valuable considerations, LiveYou are mainly concerned with who you are as a person.

We are looking for people who feel a strong sense of achievement for making a real positive impact on someone else’s life. You will be supporting those who face immense challenges in life, so their successes will be a testament to your success as a PA.

Great PAs tend to be; encouraging, empathetic, patient and have a generally positive outlook on life. You will need to be skilled in solving problems in a calm and logical manner.

Because of the incredibly varied nature of this role, you will find that your skills in; communication, problem solving and teamwork will develop immensely.

If you take on this role, you will forever have the knowledge that you made a meaningful and significant difference to someone's life.

LiveYou is different

LiveYou is unique in that we were founded by a disabled person and their personal assistant (PA). This was a conscious decision, in order to provide our clients with the best possible service, we know we need to make the role very attractive and enjoyable for our PAs. We believe our unique perspective means we are best placed to deliver unprecedented levels of satisfaction for both our clients and their PAs.

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